Saturday, 27 June 2009

Michael Jackson Super Nova

The passing of any super talent is like the explosion of a super nova. In a flash the brilliance is signaled to the world and in a flash it is gone.

Putting the usual experiences of the bereaved to one side, such as the loss of something that was thought to be enduring, the taken for granted access to the individual who is now unequivocally gone, the demise of Michael Jackson brings home once more just how reliant the human race is on a very few individuals to change world views, be the source of original thinking to lead the way forward. The ratio of these significant individuals to the people of the world is microscopic, these are people we rely on to take our world forward and their number and frequency is very very small.

The media will lapse into pseudo intellectual deconstruction of every twist and turn of his life, people and fans will share their views. This however is the passive, uncreative approach to life used by people who rely on the creative leadership of others rather than taking responsibility for generating original ideas themselves. They feast on the dead bodies of the talented for the raw material for their 'pop' philosophising and mawkish sense-making.

How best to celebrate the life of Michael Jackson? My suggestion would be to originate something that gives pleasure to others. It needn't be global in its reach. It would be in the image of the King of Pop

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