Friday, 12 June 2009

I'm So Bored of 'Sorry'

Politicians, Perpetrators and Perverts all seem to want to play the 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card called I'm Sorry. and I'm really bored with the all the public chest beating and hand wringing that we see when people are caught out when events catch up with them.

Just how gullible do these people think we are I wonder? The 'sorry valve' is used far too often, the very knowledge of its existence encourages people to hardly pay any attention to their actions in the present. It numbs the mind to consequences. It is an over-used social safety net.

So in the case of politicians what could be more worrying. People who don't think through consequences. Aren't we paying politicians to think through complex situations on our behalf. Can you imagine someone like Winston Churchill saying 'sorry' if he'd lost WW2? The latest public demonstration of public behaviour therapy comes from Might Mouse Hazel Blears. Oh how she regrets her resignation timing, oh how sorry she for wearing that childish 'rocking the boat' badge. What more evidence do we need that she shouldn't have had any responsibility in high office in the first place.

Then we have the perpetrators. The killers of Ben Kinsella who have just been sent down for 'life'. No doubt in a few years we'll hear how 'sorry' they were for what they did, particularly if it assists their parole hearing. Ben Kinsella was an innocent young man and a victim of a consequence free thinking. We should stop talking of Knife Crime and start talking about the The Crime of Consequence Deficient Thinking. By focussing on the Knife we focus on the object not the subject!

No doubt we will soon hear how sorry Amanda Knox is in a few days too. Whatever happened when Meredith Kercher was murdered, she'll put it across as anything but anything to do with her lack of attention to consequences.

And finally how soon will it be the 'sorry' of Vanessa George Surely there must have a moment, a split second before the camera was taken into the nursery and when she thought about what she was about to do? Commit the act and say sorry after the fact.

These people have de-valued Sorry and they don't even regret doing it!.

Sorry it seems is not the hardest word.

Here's How To Apologise

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