Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Admission of Gullibility

After sitting and pondering about what I've seen so far in the blogosphere I'm developing the view that it was pretty gullible of me to think that I had something different and new to share with people about the subjects that interested me. It seems clear to me that there a huge numbers of thoughtful and experienced people who have some really useful stuff to say on the 'human condition'

As I explore more, the less I seem to know and the less certain I feel about what I know.

Now, there are a few things I can fall back on to help me make some sense of these observations...Firstly from 'marketing' the fact that the blogosphere is a relatively new phenomenon means that it is populated by 'innovators' at this time, and so it is probable that they/we are predisposed to self development, and exploration of new ideas. Secondly from 'adult education' there is the recognition that the more you uncover, the more you realise there is more to uncover, Thirdly study of'philosophy of social science' makes you aware that there a relatively few individuals who come up with groundbreaking original thinking.

So where does this leave me? I touched on this issue in post 1, and it concerns who is 'my audience'? Well, if I think of the blogosphere as a world of interconnected 'platforms' upon which people can stand and move to others, Gullibility is simply a 'platform' that is of use to those who need it at that moment,and something they can use to 'reach' other platforms as their interest develops. This means that whilst I might be standing on the ideas of others (sic) I am also original in that I am collecting ideas on a theme, commenting in them and opening doors and showing paths onward for others to take as they wish.

So - Gullible in a misplaced sense of pure originality, innovative in the sense of being a 'platform' architect that whoever would like to can stand on for a while...


  1. I believe this dilemma you talk about is one that seems to meet anyone who seriously wants to know truth.... ' the more I know the more I realise I don't know.'

    Resolution comes not from struggling with it but seeing it as a gift... a little piece of great wisdom. Because if this is true then the opposite must also be true...'the more I willing to not know then more I am open to know'.

    It's in embracing 'not knowing' that we open ourselves to a knowing far greater than what we normally think of as intelligence or wisdom.... a universal intelligence that all the great iconic leaders throughout history at least partially become aware of.

    Thanks for calling by my blog. It's wonderful to meet (virtually) you. ;-)

  2. Thanks for the comment Nick, and open minded thoughts too. I like the 'in balance' approach you refer to. Totally concur with moving to that place where you are comfortable with not knowing. The interesting paradox for me is that you need to have made a start at seeing what might there in order to realise how much you will never know.