Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The difference between marketing, PR, advertising and branding

Check this out to check how you are doing a) thinking about a topic that might not be your bag, b) your critical thinking skills. I would add other possibilities such as 'Branding' - I promise to be a great lover, or (as the 'potential consumer of love) I hear you are a great lover, or You've always been a great lover, 'Marketing' - I'm in the business of making you feel great every minute of every day or What makes a good lover for you?, 'PR' I never had sex with that woman, or Englishmen make love with their socks on, (any PR is better than no PR veracity check statement), 'Advertising' UK Match.com, Guardian Soulmates, Friends Reunited - (don't do it - my next door neighbour got it together with an old flame from uni' (from 20 years ago) moved 200 miles to be with her and now she says she wants her freedom! ouch!)

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  1. Yes I can comment now.....it's working. And, my original comment was....that I thought quite a few people chose the correct answer. But, I said it better then...it's 4:15am here and I am still up. You're quite allright in my book Robinson!! High Brow isn't bad...unless you use it to display what is already obvious. I rather enjoy your challenge. But not at 4am and after 5 margaritas....so don't spellcheck me.