Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Gullibometer May 2007

So, after a few months blogging a few things start to dawn on me. My Amazon Associates account is zero, no referals for Firefox yet, no Adsense dollars and I'm not very famous lol. Although I now have an Authority rating of 1 on Technorati !

The other thing I've realised is there are millions of really inventive creative people out there who have fascinating things to say. Its also dawning on me that whilst I might have believed I had something 'important' or helpful to say, its not really certain whether it really counts?

Am I having fun - you bet, publishing without a publisher - that's awesome and as my confidence develops my 'style' seems to start peeking through. Time will tell, as you know, dear reader...

So what's interesting for you? if you have a theme/ question / experience relating to organisation and management especially if it relates to 'what is marketing' drop me line.

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