Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Is Ignorance Bliss 12.5 (Gullible or what!)

Returning to the notion of ‘organisation ignorance’ as being analogous to ‘hypertension’ it is perhaps worth paraphrasing Kaplan’s statement ‘what you measure is what you get’ to say ‘how will you know you’ve got it unless you measure for it’!

This suggests the need for a diagnostic instrument that can be applied at the most general level across an organisation, and one that precedes any assessment of the interpersonal behaviours, technical skills, experience, or achievements. Individuals don’t walk around with a badge saying ‘ignorant & proud to be an Organisational Thwarter’ yet the damage and unhappiness they can create is palpable.

How the diagnosis might be conducted needs further thought. Nonetheless there are clues to be found in what is deemed to be important in organisational life for the individual. Furthermore this can be detected in the language and tone they use and the stories they recollect. For example, the tendency to talk of ‘my staff’, frequent talk of ‘one’s job title’ in order to give credence to half baked ideas , talk of ‘I rather than we’, 'my team', 'When I was in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc', and so on.

I also recommend that you visit workplace survival for some intersting views and opinions on the themes discussed in Is Ignorance Bliss?

Workplace Survival

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