Monday, 7 May 2007

Is Ignorance Bliss? 10 - On Organisational Learning

What might be going on here?

Argyris points to the tendency of individuals to be motivated by self-interest, ‘loss’ reduction and ‘win’ maximisation, despite any ‘espoused’ justifications for their behaviour. There is often a complete mismatch between what people ‘say’ their motivations and intentions are and what their true motivations are. He gives examples of how supposedly ‘egalitarian’ organisations such as communes eventually become increasingly unilateral and authoritarian due to the propensity to seek power and control.

It seems therefore, that a permanent tension exists in organisations between the ‘advantage seeking’ nature of individuals necessary for them to survive and advance in hierarchies and the ‘co-operative and free-exchange’ nature of relationships necessary for learning.

I also recommend that you visit workplace survival for some intersting views and opinions on the themes discussed in Is Ignorance Bliss?

Workplace Survival

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