Thursday, 26 July 2007

10 ways to Gullibly build self Confidence

1. Dress Sharp - OK got my haircut, ironed shirt and trousers, cleaned shoes
2. Walk faster - Will type faster do for now?
3. Good posture - Hmmm need to get one of those fancy Swedish office stools
4. Personal commercial - Damn this blog is good. Written by a real pro.

hey its beginning to work.....I'm beginning to feel very very confident......

5. Gratitude - thanks so much for taking time out to read this, its really appreciated
6. Compliment Others - your the best blog visitors a guy could wish to have!
7. Sit in the front Row - any closer and You Tube will be My Tube
8. Speak Up - well I reckon this is junk CBT for underperforming sales people.
9. Work Out - just been downstairs for a coffe - does that count?
10.Focus on Contribution - I did this out of the goodness of my heart just for YOU!

WOW!....I suddenly feel more confident ..........two floors up and........I believe I can fly...........touch the sky.............


check out Pick the Brain hmmm - analytical approach - must be coming from a Positivistic epistemology then.

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