Saturday, 28 July 2007

Mates in the States

Good morning America, looks like I've only got 5 more states to go before I shout 'Bingo'

If you've got any mates in those states give them a nudge to pay Gullibility a visit!


  1. Woot!

    California - the land of fruits, nutz, n granola bars reporting, Sir.

  2. hey can I help you with that other project? I don't see it here. please don't be afraid to ask....oh yes leaving comments also helps with Google stats....didn't know if you knew that. I wish I could just sign in and do transfer it over for you. I think it's like one of those Yellow Book things for's at the lowest common denominator and you don't think in that manner...I can never find anything in the Yellow book...but, I do know about grabbing bandwidth...let me know...I am always here for you...and, please I would really value some of your opinions on my blog as well...~jackie