Monday, 2 July 2007

Gullibometer June 2007

Another month of blogging has gone by. Having read many blogs 'a pattern that connects' seems to be emerging. Seven classes of blog stand out for me:

a)I'll help you get rich Blog (all with tagging, traffic building, adsense and affiliate tricks)

b)The art and science of blogging Blog (all of which arrive at the 'it's the content stupid' conclusion after telling you 101 other ways to do it better)

c) The 'get yourself a better life' Blog, (that have a broad mix of spiritual awakening to cognitive behavioural 'work arounds' - known a s're-framing' in the trade to help you see yourself in a better light)

d) Technical Blog ( code, gadgets and other specialised stuff)

e) This is me and my life Blogs (often quirky, sometimes very personal, frequently rants, often about my hobbies - have you seen the one on 'knots'!!??)

f) Management Skills Blogs (leadership, teamwork, resourceful humans, human resources
creativity, innovation, strategic thinking, strategy tools and techniques, marketing, sales, process improvement)

g) Life Skills Blogs (relationship sense making, thinking skills, provocative outlooks, social psychology, philosophy)

h) Hard Science Blogs (ranging from astronomy, to nano-technology and anything 'squidgy' and celluar in between)

i) Humour Blogs (ranging from people who think they are funny and should stick to the day job, and some highly original stuff such as Overheard in New York) - this category was suggested by Dan after reading this post via a link on The Wrong Advices - cheers Dan

Now there are millions of people with lots of extremely interesting and informed points of view and I have reached a mini crisis. In the lifecycle of blogging perhaps I am following a 'norm' here. I've reached a sort of 'So What' crisis. What I thought might might be interesting and relevant to people is often covered and explained better by others, the things I wanted to say have probably been said (have they?) I have the strong sense that I don't know very much at all, and that what I do know is sort of very obvious. Its amazing really and maybe here's the irony...I've been given the biggest soap box in the world and I can say what I want, as loud as want, how I want, to whoever I want, and at the moment 20 people a day on average are listening. Mind you that's 20 people I never had contact with before.

Now here's my quote folks. Warhol said that eveyone would get 15 minutes of fame. Reasonable Robinson says Web 2.0 has changed all of that now everyone has the opportunity for 24/7 fame Pass it on and make me famous!! lol

You might probably sense that my blogging style is changing over time too, and so getting back to the 'bloggers lifecycle' (and I'll evolve this overtime too) I see the following phases.

1 WOW!................... I've got a new toy lets see what it does
2 NOW HEAR THIS.......... What I have to say is really important to me and you
3 I'M GONNA BE RICH...... So, 10 cents from 75 million bloggers equals....
4 PEOPLE LIKE ME......... I've connected, someone in Antarctica has read my blog
5 RUNNING OUT OF STEAM... Not much more to say. Out of ammo over here.
6 CELEBRITY FIX.......... Now I realise why Hello magazine is a good business model
7 CELEBRITY FIX 2........ Become a 'Bloggerazzi' chase those Digg & Reddit stories
8 OLD SOLDIER............ When I first started blogging, 'the horror', 'the horror'
9 THIS IS ME............. I'm past the 'elevator pitch' now, just gonna chat now
10 ?????????

off to work now - bye!


  1. Hi RR

    I trust you're well.

    I'd describe your condition as possibly going through a mid-blog-crisis, where you've been toiling away at your blog and you're starting to wonder "Is it all really worth it"

    Just for the record, you've got one vote saying "Yes" it is. I find your posts to be quite enjoyable reading.

    Keep up the great work


  2. Heya Fella. Look!
    Congratulations to You! You've made it through the second round at BTF.