Friday, 13 July 2007

What Is a Meme and What Can It Really Do for Your Blog?

I've been tagged :) - thanks Mig

Once again a clear and thought provoking post from Michaela at Pamil Vision. The thing that fascinates me in the context of Gullibility about memes is how do we judge their veracity? Epistemologists (these are not people who take the 'mickey' out of people, or enjoy getting drunk btw ) ask us to consider how we use 'testimony' (the word of others) in the judgement of 'what we know' and 'how we know it'. This gets us into the area of 'trust' of course.

As an example: The UK Government claim that the ageing population of the UK will prove to be highly beneficial in the fight against terrorism. This is because there will more people over 70 who feel they have already lived a full life and simply don't feel threatened in any way by pronouncements from the A.Q. Trogladytes. Consequently the whole strategic premise of Bin Liner and his crew is totally meaningless and doomed to failure.

So here's a thought what is the difference between gossip and trustworthy testimony. Blimey...this gets us into the realm of 'because I said so' maybe that's an advantage of university degree then?

Reasonable Robinson. M.E.M.E (Master of Electronic Muttering in English)


  1. Nice post RR - acronyms usually drive me mad! There should be a league table of the most annoying!

    My fave though was the acronym used to descibe my old boss.

    He was Global Operations Director! GOD was a nice chap!

  2. Superb! Scott , and thanks for stopping by. I got this one from a woman I met who worked at a local Doctors which described frequent elderly visitors who weren't seriously ill. She called them Lollipops - Lots of Little Problems :)