Saturday, 28 July 2007

There's No Such Thing as a Dumb Question?

OK Folks, we've all heard that one...and so...let's see who can come up with some 'are you really asking me that' questions.

I got onto this after a brief BTF exchange with a guy from Hawaii. Nice bloke called Colin. He said he was 'argumentative' in his profile, so to test the theory I asked...

Does Hawaii have an army?

Has it ever had an Empire?

He politely filled me in with some local history...not really knowing if I was really lacking in knowledge and needing a 'leg -up' (or should that be a neuron -up?)

Are there really any questions that normally we wouldn't ask for fear of looking stupid?

Well you're safe here- test drive your Gullibility today!!


  1. OK, silly question of the century.

    Asked a few years ago by a mate of mine.

    'What's the difference between Greek and Latin?'

    I still don't know what he thought was alike about them...

  2. This is awesome - exactly the sort of question we need here ! thanks :)

    I guess possible answer could be - 'dunno - its all Greek to me'

  3. Ok, sensible question and very controversial:
    How many people on a percentage basis actually believe that the events of 9/11 were not as reported given new evidence to the contrary that is coming to light, and that such events were discussed at high level prior to 9/11 with a view to taking control og the Iraqi oilfields?

  4. Cheers Cotojo - certainly not a 'dumb' question, however we are still left with issue of 'evidence' - may be this IS a dumeb question? - 'how do we know its evidence?' :)

  5. One thing I never understand is what is the point in asking obvious questions.

    Yesterday I walked out my flat in full Running Gear, Started doing my stretches just as my flat mate was walking up to the front door.

    What did she ask me? ... Yup your Guessed it!

    "Are you Going for a Run?"


    "No love, just popping up to Gloucestor for a Swim."

  6. Brilliant Rednose! If you get any more I'd love to hear them LOL!!