Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Don't Be Gullible

Surjit, author of Gurushabad seems to be offering some helpful life tips in this recent post.

However he might be underestimating the sub-conscious impact of his list of suggestions. As an example, just pay attention to your instant reaction to the following statements:

Don't believe Ron Paul

Don't criticise Britney Spears

Don't buy an i-phone

You may have noticed something deep seated within us that rails against authority (our critical voice if you like) Kevin Hogan describes the effect of such statements in Covert Hypnosis where he claims that we sub-sconsciously delete the 'don't' element of the instruction and take it as an instruction to do exactly the opposite of the intended advice!

And all because we have heard the 'don't' instruction since our early childhood.

So, remember...don't come back late, don't leave your shoes in the hall, don't use bad language, don't answer me back, don't leave food on your plate, don't leave the light on, don't cry its only a scratch, don't see the boy from the other street, don't drive fast, don't dis-respect your elders, don't eat burgers, don't waste your money........now here's a strange thing..........don't don't


  1. Hi Reasonable Robinson,
    I truly appreciate your view point.
    While surfing the net, I came accross this post and I liked it.So I thought of sharing it with my well wishers.
    God bless.

  2. I get into more dang trouble due to these types of folks. I've never run with the crowd. If and when I try to just do as I'm told, there's a light that goes off in me that screams inherently in me. The inner voice, if you will, is almost timed as well as in old TV game show, Family Feud's.
    You remember, it's after the host sez, "AND the National Survey sez?!"

    I've never been a sheeple. Most folks don't like me because of it but I don't care. I never have cared.

    I've also gotten me arse beat many times because of it. But have I learned? Oh but NOOOOooooooooooo!

    *Prolly never will, either.

  3. Hi Surjit, thankyou for your kind comments. I feel that I have expressed myself badly?

    My intention was to surface the dual nature of things and to ask us all to think wether the claims of KH are valid. I certainly didn't wish any criticism of the advice you have shared per se. Advice, which seems to me has profound merit and with which I totally concur!

    best regards

  4. Hi RR,
    I try to keep a positive approach by avoiding the word "Don't"... Harks back to my first personal development mentor who cracked it at me for all of my negative statements :) But following this little gem of an article, maybe my next post title should read "Don't Stumble this Article or Tell all Your Friends About My Fascinating Insights"...

  5. Ha ha Simonem, have you given it a go to see what happens? You don't have to of course :)

  6. Thanks lady banana! I've never smoked a sheep since I saw it!