Saturday, 3 November 2007

Musharraf ado about Nothing?

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So Pakistan is in a crisis according to President Musharraf which naturally demands the introduction of strictures due to the exceptional circumstances.

Do we have someone else who has been to the Mandy Rice Davies School of Management? As the interviewer claims "Mr Musharraf says there is a crisis"...and she replies..."He would wouldn't he"

Here we have, bang on cue a classic example of what Keith Grint describes in Arts of Leadership as the social construction of a Crisis to fit in with the preferred management style of the leader. Could we guess that the M Way is, top down, strict hierarchy, punishment for non-compliance, my way or the highway, dialogue is weakness, only decisive action matters.

Of course all of this will be beautifully wrapped up in Rhetoric Paper, with the words "I didn't want to do this but as you know, I must", printed on the label.

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