Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Gullible Designers and Gullible Customers

I don't know who is more gullible, the designers or the purchasers. Check out this fascinating list of The Top Ten Terrible Tech Products Innovating is of course a good thing, but which Muppet allowed these products to pass through the concept and market testing phases of the NPD process?

Most technically led businesses think that business is all about 'make' and 'sell' and overlook the risk reduction processes that can save huge personal, brand, and financial embarrassment.

As for customers, well...don't you ever check before you buy? being an early adopter means what you gain in ego you can loose in the wallet, by paying the Skimming Price and the wasted purchase cost. Usually its the middle men who lack either technical or marketing literacy and rely on hype to shift products. These guys should move into the boomerang business as the crap is bound to return in some form. Remember - putting lipstick on a pig is only evidence of Gullibility.

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