Thursday, 1 November 2007

The Social De-Construction of Heather Mills

As many of us might know from personal experience the collapse of a relationship is not a pleasant experience, and certainly divorce can be a nasty and bitter process. It is quite clear that Heather has been through the mill on this one.

What intrigues me is the 'self importance' of someone who wishes to parade their distress and anger on daytime television. What exactly is it like in 'Heather World'? She clearly plays a prominent 'role' in her particular Life World and it has attained a form of reality for her in which she seems to presume that we are all avidly interested and concerned. Her part in the play as 'victim' means that she is enacting her Life Script on the surreal media stage that is entirely fabricated and self -serving. Pluck somebody from the superficial world of fashion, salivate over their connection to a 'name' and then generate more steam for the media engine out of the destruction of the marriage.

If the media world were a natural rather than a social phenomenon then we would have discovered perpetual motion, and you;d have to be gullible to have believed in that!


  1. Hi Jackie, thanks for commenting are you still travelling or are you back home now?

  2. I've always wondered about this. And I could've used your advice about a year ago...

  3. Nothing too serious I hope! It's always easy from outside looking in guess.

  4. Hi
    I found your blog via Loz's.
    I like it very much and will be checking in regularly.

  5. Agreed, most people lead such trivial lives these days.

    The Mills McCartney thing (and there are many, many others) is just a form of morbid entertainment.

    Where does live stop and the soap operas start ?

  6. Hi Jonathon, I think you have raised a very crucial point here. I suspect the aim of the entertainment business is to blur the boundary between reality and fiction. This poses problems of course in that people fail to recognise the distinction and we exist in a form of 'hyper-reality' (apols to the postmodernists amongst you:))In this hyper-reality celebrities believe that we are obsessed with their lives and in turn they need this obsession to fulfill the role of 'celebrity'- Hyper-reality has both light and darksides - darkside being the 'self absorbed' way of acting the world