Saturday, 10 November 2007

Meddling Council of Great Britain?

The head of the Muslim Council of Great Britain Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari looks like he is making some interesting claims in a Daily Telegraph interview that are summarised by the BBC website today.

Making a very valid point about the demonising of the Jews in Nazi Germany, he infers through this example that a similar thing is happening in the UK! How conveniently he overlooks the demonising of British society by voices from within his own faith community continually suggesting that overall British Society is decadent, and lacking in moral and spiritual guidance. Where is the evidence for such a sweeping generalisation?

To believe that you are claiming some sort of morally privileged position Dr M is complete bollockology, and you are undermining the credibility of your Doctoral qualification by demonstrating a clear lack of critical thinking. Do you sincerely believe that the general British public are that gullible!

Casting a critical eye over the summary claims reported by the BBC, the following things seem interesting:

Can you explain why you feel The British who actually fought and died ending NAZI tyranny need reminding of the onerous and dangerous implications of persecuting minorities? Please post a letter in the Times indicating which members of your family took part in the defeat of Hitler and his cronies Dr M., and which contributions to British society entitle you to claim '...of Great Britain' in your organisations' title? 'in Great Britain' might be more appropriate.

Please indicate examples of systemic and government endorsed savagery against your faith community? I notice no restrictions or laws on individual movement, business ownership, faith practice, access to education and so on! So why are you demonising the very society that sustains you? You might like to study Eric Fromm's psycho-analysis of Adolf Hitler where he describes his self-destructive narcissistic personality tendancies, in which Fromm suggests that this personality type pursues the very destruction of the things that sustain them Ring any bells Dr M?

Why do you presume that your faith community is the only community concerned with the reckless and bad behaviour of British youth? For goodness sake this is nothing new, and even writers in ancient Rome wrote about how 'terrible is the youth of today' You are not pointing out something that hasn't been noticed the rest of us!

Why do you feel that what is a 'norm' from your perspective, is desirable from someone else's perspective. You declare your authoritarian principles in these statements, can you justify your claims to authority. (Maybe you have a high Technorati ranking?)

Can you explain or demonstrate any correlation between sexual crime and sales of bikinis since their inception in the 1950s. Have you considered or even admitted the impact that your evidently repressed sexuality might have on your world view and how you act in the world? What negative consequences do you think this might have for you and others?

Dr M, you are making some sweeping generalisations and cultural oversights. You are underestimating the existence of the deeply embedded cultural principles held by the majority of Briton's for justice, fair play and moral rectitude. You underestimate the general knowledge and sense of history of many in this country. You seem to be presuming that general British society should be deferential to your qualification and must therefore accept your point of view unquestioningly and gratefully because you are SO clever. Please be aware that you are not speaking to your usual audience of partially educated, unduly deferential, critically prohibited individuals with their quasi- medieval mindset.

Stop mischief making and start making a positive contribution to society!


  1. BRAVO Robinson and you can say that one more time for us Americans as well.

    Somehow we too have all been lumped together as some kind of demon country that cares nothing about the ourselves, honor,respect, or anything else with any morals.

    We as you have stood and fought against many tyrants such as Hitler. Which BTW...if we had not this so called no it all probably would not be alive today as he certainly does not fit into what was Hitler's description of the perfect society!!

    My mother always taught me this very simple statement.
    "Never bite the hand that feeds you!"

    Excellent post RR,

  2. Thanks for your comment Jackie, this guy has certainly caused a great deal of offence over here in the UK judging by reports in some newspapers today. How his organisation has the audacity to place 'Great Britain' in its title when I struggle to see any justified claim on their behalf for doing this. He represents a minsicule geographic and human constituency - hardly enough to warrant Great Britain in the name. and is staggering, and perhaps indicative of the unscrupulous standards they hold. he also needs to make up his mind if he is a religious organisation or a political party. If he wants to change the laws of the UK then all he has to do is ceate a political party and win votes. Hmmm.. perhaps this is too challenging for him, so it looks like the soft despotic option for him.

    For me it seems really easy. Dr M pick up your pasport and wash bag and leave if don't like how we do things around here!