Friday, 22 June 2007

Are there Angles in heaven?

Check out this story on yahoo news
Is there an afterlife?

Now for me there is a pretty fire sure way of sorting this out...

You just nip over there and kill yourself, next, you meet me for a beer down the pub and tell me all about it, bringing a few friends with you such as Newton, Galileo, UGG from 250,000 BC and my Grandma. A couple of photo souvenirs would be cool too. How does that sound?

1 comment:

  1. At first I wasn't sure if that link was going to lead me to a sign saying I am the most gullible man on the planet.

    If he doesn't prove anything it doesn't disprove the existence of an after life, however if he does prove it, the world is in for a big wake up call.

    The matter is immaterial really, since there isn't an after life, there are no second chances, you have one life and one opportunity to have fun and make the most of it.