Friday, 8 June 2007

What is True?

1. Not a lie
2. A Spandau Ballet song
3. Straight
4. What I believe
5. What we believe
6. What I am told
7. Whatever you think
8. The same for a molecule and me
9. A label
10.A nomilisation of a process
12 Vrai
13.A constant
14.A variable
15.Something unknowable
16.A temporary thing
17.A fixed thing
18.This list
19.I was in Prague in 1968 the night the Soviets invaded
20.We will only live for a finite period
21.Your bum does look big in that dress
22.There are 8 planets in our solar system
23.I am rich
24.I am poor
25.Your God is better than my God
26.A search objective

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