Monday, 18 June 2007

Am I Gullible?

I've devised this simple 'sanity -check' (Gulli-Grid tm) – as way of judging how gullible you might be:

For each statement decide Always, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, Never to describe your typical reaction. If you predmoninantly answer Always, Often; then you approach situations uncritically, if Rarely, Never; then you are less likely to being duped. If you answer 'Never' to most it is likely that people will regard you as cynical, and you drink alot of beer on your own.

The other party knows more about this subject than me
I place total trust in what the other party tells me
I have to take the word of the other party
I have no independent proof of claims
I believe vague promises about future events
I am restricted from discussing matters with others
My other sources are ‘put down’ or ‘smeared’
I never ask probing questions
I feel frustrated when asking questions
What I’m told doesn’t stack up with what I see
I believe that the other person(s) are open & honest
I think that people have hidden agenda's
I believe it when people say their plans will benefit me
I seek out a ‘hidden agenda’
I think that if someone has been truthful before they will be truthful in future
I think Sales and marketing people have my interests in mind
I conduct research prior to getting involved in anything
I seek out a second, or third opinions on information that is presented to me
I get references or endorsements on people I don't know well
I depend on the other people for reward & esteem

1 comment:

  1. Always - 1
    Often - 3
    Sometimes - 10
    Rarely - 5
    Never - 2