Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Jail term was a message from God, says Paris Hilton

And so it begins...Divinely inspired money making scheme! if this news article is anything to go by Yahoo News

This fascinating case continues to demonstrate her 'external' orientation. She has to get a message to change from someone else instead of taking personal responsibility!.

Being so 'extrinsically' motivated I'm staggered how come she's overlooked the Judges role in sending her the message to change? Oh - of course he isn't an 'A' lister like the big guy! Doh! C'mon Paris this is just Old Whine in a New Bottle.

Long WAY TO GO - perhaps you should change your name to Paris Dakar long, tedious, and hard work.

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  1. Excellent post and so simply stated, rr.

    When one becomes accountable and responsible for ones own actions or non-actions, there is personal freedom and "room to move."