Monday, 11 June 2007

Might George Clooney be just 50% correct?

According to Yahoo news today George Clooney alledgedly states that he thinks that Paris Bawlalot is cheap and talentless. Well that might only be 50% of the story. In actual fact she is very talented at being 'cheap and talentless'. This phenomenon is well known to us all, we see in the work place, with the boss who is 'exceptional at being an ass' or at home with the friend who is 'supreme at taking advantage of us' Basically whatever ever we do alot we become really good at. For a dip into a deeper discussion on this check out Chris Argyris in his book On Organizational Learning. Go straight to article link paragraph 22 for the key point.

The more we persist in regular habits the more they become ingrained, and the more we develop what is known as 'unconscious competence' (ever driven to work and wondered how you got there?)

So Bastille Baby will have just the amount of time to learn how to become a talented inmate, although as Moondanzer says - she won't become good enough to become a gifted felon.

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