Saturday, 9 June 2007

Paris Hilton 45 day course in Critical Thinking

Now then Paris, stop bawling and do something useful, you've got 45 days to change your life so why not learn how to plug in a PC and visit Austhink There is, of course, the argument of punishment and learning to be had when any of us have committed misdemenours,and if 'learning' is to be part of the process for her then in my book the learning has to be demonstrated and enacted genuinely moving forward.

So I think she might benefit from some serious no holds barred (sic) educational experience, the sort where not everything comes easily and where the answers aren't given on a plate. She should be encouraged to reflect authentically on her identity; values, morals, impacts on others etc etc and explain what she has learned and how this has changed her. Good evidence for me would be not making a cent from a public appearance out of the 'time served' and also she should choose to avoid self righteous tours of the TV stations to explain 'what a salutary experience it has all been', how 'sorry' she is, and no publisher should promote her ‘book’ that splurges out her ‘cele-philosophical clap trap’

She did something wrong, she's getting the legal punishment, deal with it Paris! Of course its not nice going to jail, who said it was ? And you're only going through the same feelings as every one else who has been 'banged up'. Removal of freedom - is exactly what it means you dim bimbo! We could no doubt share similar stories.

My son had a rub with law last year, we went to court and I uncomfortably stood before the judge and said I was completely in support of any punishment they wished to hand out, and my son said he would take what was coming too as he realized he had stepped over the line. But hey, I'm not rich, famous, or can be of benefit to her so why would my story count. Oh yes and I forgot she is 'special' and different to the rest of us isn't she and therefore doesn't deserve the disorientation, and humiliation she's brought on herself.

In another life she would be living on some sink estate educated to the same level she is now and facing more than just one trip to the prison.

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