Monday, 18 February 2008

Al Fayed will the Truth come out?

Mr Al Fayed goes to court today and is quoted as saying that he had been "fighting for 10 years" and added: "With God's help I hope the truth will come out."

An interesting appeal to the metaphysical in the absence of empirical evidence I think!

As a bereaved Father I'm sure we can all recognise the strength of feeling shown by Mr Al Fayed, however it is precisely in situations of long term, ambiguous, high emotion where we as human beings seek to 'fill in the gaps' with our theories, to help us cope and make-sense with the unexpected, unwanted, and unbelievable.

On the one hand it is tempting to reject his conspiracy theory as absurd and his appereance at court as'show boating', on the other hand for any of us with no access to the evidence, or the power to get past the powerful, the prospect of uncovering the unequivocal truth is unlikely.

The most pragmatic option we have is to trust the independence of the judiciary to protect the interests of society an those involved.

If Mr Al Fayed turns his day in court into a grotesque 'freak show' emphasising 'belief' rather than 'knowledge' the he will have let his son down.

We are all capable of believing things that are not true and disbelieving things that are true...

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