Saturday, 23 February 2008

"E for Excellent Blogger Award" & awardees

Blogging is made so much better when someone likes what you post enough to give a bit of recognition. To get a pat on the back from fellow bloggers is far more gratifying than some techno-analytical authority ranking.

My thanks go to Saboma...have a great week-end biking. She got her award via Cojoto and it is with great pleasure that I adhere to the rules which state that after receiving the Excellent Blog Award, you must pass it on to 10 more excellent bloggers. So here are, to quote Mary Ann "my ten victims, uhm, I mean recipients"

Step up to the plate and pick up this award my fellow excellent Bloggers! Congratulations.

Scott Shepherd
Textual Relations
Angry Astronomer
Liz Strauss
Des Walsh
Joolz at Life in the NHS
Fish Without a Bicycle
Dan Leone

and bonus award to:

and the squid-time achievement award goes to:
Inventive Problem Solving


  1. Top o the day, RR. I dropped in to say that the award looks really great on ya. Moreover, I see that you've redecorated and have re-arranged the furniture,too, so to speak. Plus that, since the last time I see that you have added a few new blogs. I especially enjoyed reading your "Blogging to Blame" and am in total agreement. Blaming isn't just in the UK, its everywhere including here.

    Most believe that I'm absolutely off the wall when I mention that owning one's problems and working out the solution will lead them to empowerment. I've been spit at, ripped a new one, and castigated to no end on that enlightenment for years. And you know what? I'll continue expressing the freedoms and the self empowerment to others until I pass onto the next world.

    It's an awesome experience that I wish others would reach for yet, as the old adage goes, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." It's one of those living revelations that I will not compete against. It's better to say what needs said and then get alongside of the fan when the 'stuff' hits the fan. Thank goodness that I'm still mentally agile enough to see it coming, snork!

    *Hugs, Big Guy!*

  2. I'm with you all the way...I was doing some work with a senior management team teh other day and they were whining about their staff...I simply asked them 'what part they played in the problem'..luckily I wasn't kicked out and we've done some really productive work since.

    I'm really delighted (and suprised too) that you like Blogging to Blame because I set it up real quick just to catch those things that don't directly connect with Gullibility. Its caught me off gauard as the more I track the news and stuff the more everyone seems to going around blaming someone else for their troubles!

    As for horses?... I read a quote from Clare Graves the other day (the inspiration for Spiral Dynamics) that said in relation to helping people change ... "if they purr keep on doing it, if they growl...back off"

    catch u later!!!!

    cheers from the UK

  3. It is much more rewarding when a post receives feedback. Anonymous visitors just don't provide the same motivation. Even a bad comment is recognition that posts are being read.

  4. Yes Martin, I agree and that ties in nicely with the idea of discounts & strokes from Transactional Analysis. Evene negative strokes are preferable to no acknowledgement at all.

  5. Thanks for the award rr! Makes it all worthwhile!

  6. Thank you R&R! What an honor coming from you! You have a superb blog and each post is worthy of a comment. Great job!

  7. I hadn't seen this! Thanks for the recognition, I'll get right on with passing on the kudos to other deserving blogs out there.