Thursday, 21 February 2008

US Missile Explodes the Truth

Now, call me cycnial, but the recent US example of target practice under the auspices of removing a 'toxic' item that would of caused trouble on earth if it had re-entered the atmosphere seems a little bit contrived.

The content of the offical statement seems notionally plausible enough, and the meta-message that it is communicating seems more plausible still. i.e.'look at our capability'. No wonder the Russians and the Chinese are getting a bit squiffy.

Simple Deterrence Theory requries Communication, Capability, and Credibility,to be effective in the world of Real Politik and all three factors have been amply achieved by shooting the satellite down.


  1. There can be no doubt this was a perfect opportunity for the Yanks to copy the Chinese and indeed to let them know the US could do it better!
    It was ever thus.

  2. Nothing like a bit of competition to keep everyone on their toes eh! :)