Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Truth about the UK?

Stumble onto the BBC News Website and you'd be forgiven for thinking that being in the UK means you are living in some sort of Orwellian cum Dante-esque world of hyper surveillance and violent crime.

Road side cameras that can check the water and blood make up of car pasengers??!!, serial killings, missing children, political fraud. Is all of this designed to emphasise the dissonance between the 'happy' aspirations pumped at us via the idiots lantern so that we go out and spend to feel better? What is the truth about the UK?

RR says:
As soon the search for ‘a better’ definition of Truth starts however, two main issues emerge:

Firstly, there is the problem posed by the conceptual nature of Truth itself. This means it is impossible to avoid using the term when discussing the concept. For example, if I say “Truth corresponds to reality” the truth of my claim is based on my version of what truth is. As David Lynch explains “you cannot argue over a theory of truth without using the concept, because to question a theory, is to question its truth”.

Secondly, what is it that we are really searching for when we ask ‘What is Truth?' Here we can make the distinction between seeking:

The ‘Nature’ of Truth, concerning the questions relating to its conceptual make up, and the theories that are put forward to capture this.

And the

‘Explanatory role’ of Truth, concerning how we determine what is true in the world.

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