Sunday, 24 February 2008

DNA Database Unravels the Truth

Come on everyone! just how gullible are we if we ever thought that we had such a thing as a private life!

The DNA database isn't materially going to change anything, except perhaps in terms of scope of speed. The nature of our 'non-privacy' isn't going o be affected any way in the slightest.

Now that we have had the wake up call, perhaps we might pay more attention to really managing our privacy rather than just gullibly assuming that we have it...

I predict that the next most significant social trend will be 'anonimisation'

which is an explicit concern by everyone about ways to reduce their profile.

Imagine...we could have Social Not-working, the internet becomes full of sites where you don't publish a profile, no discussions take place, you have no friends, you're never tagged...hang on a minute that sounds like real life but without the DNA.

You read it here first folks!...Oh and just because you're sitting at the back of the class doesn't mean I can't see you!

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