Thursday, 21 February 2008

What's is Troooooooooooooooooooooth

I've been spending a few minutes over at Blogcatalog and noticed a discussion run by Carolyn and after browsing her profile I saw this really interesting blog that she has created called Angels and Ghosts

There is a Meta Title too which says 'The Haunted Truth' and so in the spirit :) of my recent posts on truth it was a link toooooo good to miss.

RR says:
How easy is it to define truth?

When we begin to scratch the surface of any dictionary or everyday definition of Truth it starts to become clear that we are not dealing with something as obvious as we might have first thought. Everyday definitions of ‘truth’ are likely to relate truth to ‘the facts’, yet as soon as we agree on this, we can disagree what a ‘fact’ is because we know from our daily experiences that there can be ‘versions’ of the facts. People come to know that there are facts and there are opinions. Voltaire cited by David Lynch in The Nature of Truth, suspecting that there are deep challenges in getting beyond a mundane definition of Truth dryly remarked that the Truth should be considered “while waiting for a better definition, as - a statement of facts as they are”.


  1. Like your Blog Theme, pretty crisp and clear. Thanks.
    I would have to agree that "truth" is something that we agree on in the moment knowing full well that "it" might change in the future. But then again the world itself is full of ambiguity- Great Blog- Brian Morgan

  2. Hi brain, thanks for visiting and your kind comments. I'll be posting more snippets on the truth thing in coming weeks.

  3. brain??!!! - I meant Brian, of course!!