Monday, 3 September 2007

Body Pop

Now you tell me, what happened when it came to 'it's your round mate' in this amazing tale from South Africa

They'd have had some wonderful choice in Cocktails of course < Make mine a Dead Man Walking!

My Gullibility Award goes to the bloke who lost the hearse...


  1. I read this earlier today. It really made me laugh my ass off - and I know I really shouldn't, but what on earth possessed them to take a hearse!!

  2. They needed a designated driver?

    Gotta say, this article is just one of many that makes me proud to be a South African.
    My brother tells me that apparent the head of the Police Force in Cape Town recently got massively drunk, then rolled his car.
    He called up the SA Chief of Police, who got someone to take car of his car and go and pick him up and drive him home.
    A newspaper found out and printed an article about it, but was quickly told off by the police and made to apologize for writing the article, which was obviously untrue.

    Bloody rediculous!