Thursday, 27 September 2007

Stop Abuse!

Abuse of awareness, abuse of understanding, and abuse of human potential might not catch the attention and make the headlines in the same way as 'child battering, 'animal cruelty' and 'work-place' bullying' do.

Their damage and long-term consequences for individuals and society are, nevertheless as profound as they are subtle. Abusers recognise (instinctively or overtly) that they can exploit the habit of humans for trying to make sense of their worlds and making the best of themselves with the capabilities.

Abusers 'know' what they are doing when they 'seal' others away from knowing about different ways of doing things, from being aware of alterantives and choices, and they supress information that carries consequences for the future well being of the individual they are abusing by denying the right of choice through restriction. Where is the difference between a 'cult', faith, government, family, work group,or a commercial organisation, in this regard?

Abusers who fear the capabilities of others, contain those that threaten them through destruction of reputation, insinuations of poor judgement, the limits of their own imagination, and denial of opportunity. These people are spending, without right, the 'life-span' of others for their own ends. Where is the similarity between a dictator, a boss, a faith leader, or a spouse in this regard?

In short people who abuse Truth and Talent are committing a crime of humanity.


  1. Couldn't agree more rr. Life is too short, too precious and too finite to be wasted. And you are right to stress the small because, let's face it, most of us live in the small. The hideous actions of a dictator might not affect us but an individual life can be diminished nevertheless in profound ways by the actions of those in closest proximity to us - negative family members, small-minded boss.

  2. Excellently phrased!

  3. Preying on the gullible.
    My post was about tobacco companies marketing addiction to our children.
    Thank you for expanding my thinking on this topic.