Tuesday, 25 September 2007

You're Gullible if you don't know what you eat!

A Postivist approach to cooking relies on peeling back the onion, and finely dicing the data.

By rolling back the frontiers of cooking we can digest the reasons for the precise time when a boiled egg becomes hard boiled, and why a souffle collapses. This is the realm of natural science, and ideal for those of you with a taste for chemistry and physics. So this Stumble will provide the Engineers amongst you with the ideal cookery resource Cooking For Engineers I feel a neo-logism coming on - how about Gastroneers?

It is a 'truth of fact' that:

200ml/7¼fl oz double cream
2 tbsp honey
few drops of vanilla essence
55g/2oz Hobnobs or similar biscuits, crushed
55g/2oz raspberries, crushed
For the coulis
85g/3oz raspberries
1-2 tbsp icing sugar
½ lime, juice only

will get you in a Mess

However it is a 'truth of meaning' if you think its the best pudding ever or simply life threatening.

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