Friday, 7 September 2007

Gullibly Addicted to Blog

84%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

The truth is out! After a career in the gaming business and I should have know better. The reasons for my compulsion are very very similar to heavy gaming too.

Variable Intermittent Reinforcement The most powerful form of reinforcement all wonderfully supplied by, Google Analytics, Feeburner, and Blogger Comments. How many visitors today then ? - oh - little and often then suddenly you have a post that hits a memetic nerve and - JACKPOT - 200+ hits in one day!!!

Illusion of Control I decide how much and when I blog, and sure I can choose not to if I want...of course I can...I control IT, it doesn't control fact I can stop any time I want :)

The Legend of the Professional There's this guy I know who always wins! - every time he plays a machine, bets on a horse, plays the cards he wins. He's got inside track you know. If I copy him I'll be a winner too!

The good thing about a second life (sic) in Academia is that I can reflect on and understand the triggers and causes of my habit LOL.

On a serious note if you, or someone you know is touched by this issue in a detrimental way you might consider familiarising yourself with the work of Professor Mark Griffiths

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  1. RR!

    84%! That is some addiction. I'm only 65% addicted but then I haven't been doing it very long. But as the dark nights draw in...

    I sympathise with your reasons too - the intermittent reinforcement is a particularly seductive one!