Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Osama Sticks One In His Own Net

Boring! Boring! Boring! came the chant from the crowds as OBL captain of the AQ All Stars predictably headed one into his own net today.

The ageing striker, showed that months of incomplete sleep were affecting his ball control as he tucked one effortlessly past his own keeper. The old sparkle seems to have deserted him, and he's lost his touch, everytime he runs out on the pitch the crowd know what he's going to do before he does it, an own goal just confirms this.

It was noticeable that more players on the bench were reluctant in coming forward as it began to dawn on them that playing in the match might just result in rapid end to their careers.

Recent signing Guli Al Bull was overheard in the tunnel saying "The players are the one's that seem to be making all the sacrifices out there on the pitch, and he seems to be getting all the credit. It's Ok for him to say 'the lad done well' and 'I'm over the moon' when it's not him being stretchered off...he's rapidly loosing credibility in the locker room"

It seems, said soccer pundit Al Keeder, that his net-work leaves alot to be desired.

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