Sunday, 30 September 2007

Burma - Freedom, Power and Gullibility

Image credits BBC and Getty Images

The crisis in Burma is a stage for the enactment of Gullibility. The bravery of the Burmese people today however is a lesson for us all to remain vigiliant for the slightest stirrings of the abuse of power at any time. The time leading up the general's coup in 1962 must have been a 'gullible context' where people believed that 'such a thing could never happen'.

It is now the turn of the Generals to be gullible. Gullible in their astrological beliefs, gullible in their belief of eternal tenure, gullible in the belief that abuse and expression of military of power will preserve their position, and gullible in the belief that the world and their own people will allow them to behave with impunity.

The interesting thing about gullibility is that people at some time 'wise up' and, in proportion to the 'gulling' they assert revenge. There is a positive correlation between the abuse of belief and the severity of retribution.

Already the Generals will have consulted their mystics and oracles about the visit of the UN envoy, and they will have presumed his gullibility and their untouchability. In doing so they are exhibiting the 'gullibility paradox' - assuming gullibility in others shows the gullibility in me.


  1. The right to be free does not come free. So many lives have lost but some governments are still able to hoodwink their gullible citizens into believing what happened in Burma is just an internal affair and nothing serious.

  2. Thanks for the comment James, you make a really important point here, and it the issue of where the 'power' really lies is crucial. The consequences of action against the regime are literally life threatening and so taking a stand means placing your life in danger. It is interesting that the 'allies' are making invasion plans on this occaission!