Thursday, 13 September 2007

Might a Mullah call this The Wrath of God?

It is not uncommon for meta-physical explanations to be given for destructive natural events. This is especially the case if you hold a predominantly Purple value Meme From this particular 'world view', according to Beck and Cowan people are predisposed to giving non-scientific, mystical reasons for natures behaviour.

As we know, cataclysms are often cited as punishments from God for the errant behaviour of groups of people. Personally I wouldn't wish any misfortune on the people of Indonesia and it seems that they are bearing the brunt of some serious geological disturbances.

If I was to take a meta-physical line however, I notice that the population of Indonesia is 88% Muslim So what pray (sic) might a Mullah's explanation be for such unfortunate events to befall these people? what on earth have they done wrong?

Is it plausible that they are receiving punishment on account of the despicable behaviour of certain individuals who purport to follow their faith?

Surely you can't have your cake and eat it? Bad things happen to people in western society and the Mullahs say its God's wrath against a decadent society, bad things happen to Indonesians and suddenly they are geo-physicists!

Conversely this MUST also mean that if we subscribe to the 'call' from OBL to convert, then we are within our rights to claim that the Indonesian earthquakes are God's punishment for AQ's murder of innocents.

Tectonic activity seems the most probable reason...

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