Thursday, 6 September 2007

Gullibility and Maryannaville Recommend

Here are a sample of some Recommended Reads that we feel represent 'quality' blogging.
Thanks to Saboma for being my jury partner and nudging along the Recommend awards started by Jackie and Zubli

Wicked Thoughts
What Makes Narcissists tick
Totally Useless
Ride It Like You Stole It
Not Quite Black and white
Mcarthurs Rant
The healing power of Laughter


  1. Thanks for including McArthur's Rant on this list. I think there has been a bit of an upturn in the number of good UK based blogs over the past few weeks. Onward!

  2. Your welcome Scott - you have a great blog

  3. Thanks for recommending me! Very chuffed...I'll have to think of something particularly witty to post now...

  4. Thanks for the email alerting me to "Recommended Read" for Ride it like you stole it, and I appreciate your and Saboma's time and consideration.

    I better get busy earning it...

    Have a great weekend!