Saturday, 1 September 2007

Betting You're Gullible

The UK has announced new Gambling Laws

As someone who spent a career learning to understand gambling and risk taking behavour in order to guide the development of games I can assure you that the only sustainable commercial winner is the industry. The industry relies on gullible players making erroneus judgements about their win chances, their ability to objectively track their financial gains and losses, and their ability to control outcomes.

I believe that the gaming industry is vibrant, creative and exciting and provides fantastic opportunities for leisure choice and fiscal income streams. Nevertheless it would be gullible to think that 'fun-washing'(the gaming equivalent of green-washing) the activity is a necessarily transparent and un-biased presentation of how the business works.

Of course, the industry makes efforts to mitigate excessive gambling and addiction through its work with Gamcare. However, for any individual, the surest way to enjoy the pastime is to take a very objective and critical view of what is involved. Studying gambling psychology before you gamble is a good idea, otherwise you will be susceptible to such things as The Gamblers Fallacy The Illusion of Control and Gamblers Ruin

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