Friday, 31 August 2007

Gullibility in Action or Gullibility Inaction?

A 'Thankyou' shout to Rednose (check out his recent posts on Reality TV) for flagging up the example of Green Washing as a case of Gullibility in action. Here we have the idea that corporations claim 'green' credentials by 'painting' an image of their activities with a green hue. The opposite claim is that the reality (whatever that is)is bathed in a murkier hue.

This is a classic case of the need to 'unpack', 'surface', hidden assumptions because unless we have a grasp of where people are coming from then we can't sensibly look out for their bias.

As you will know, Mandy Rice Davies was wise enough to be aware of the WIFM (Whats in it for me) Factor, (WOW what a great name for a TV Show!) which is something that applies to the investigation of all human affairs and wether we can ever really get at the objective 'truth' of the matter.

I guess the point do we know?

Sticks and Stones are...ontologically real, but names are epistemolgically variable.

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