Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Cats and Consequences

Two days ago my neighbour lost her Bengal Cat. I realise this is a devasting event for any pet owner. Nevertheless it seems to me that a critical aspect of Gullibility is failing to think through the consequences of actions and decisions. As you might know, Bengal's are an expensive and prized breed. My friend is a full time professional who allows the cat to roam around whilst she is working away from home.

I find it puzzling that she is suprised that her laisser faire approach to Tamba might have something to do with the dissapearance. How come this possibility wasn't thought through?

Connecting this to business Neil Rackham in SPIN selling makes the astute observation that the people to get in front of when selling something are those that deal in the world of implications the world where you ask, so what might happen if...

Now this isn't an argument for procrastinating, merely a suggestion that you can avoid cat-astrophes if you stop and think or even paws for thought.


  1. My blog buddy Agnes Mildew has her share of Cat woes. I can only relate my Budgie experience. I had a green Budgie called Shrek who was very warpy ('biology online' has the explanation for this word), so I let her out and she flew out of the window. But as I explained to my daughter, what do I do? Do I have to keep her in a cage then? Anyway, I'm glad it escaped because it used to peck me.

  2. I have two bengals and I wouldn't let them out of my site for a minute because I know they would be stolen! They are indoor cats with their own playroom, outdoor area and full run of the house (most of the time). Letting them out would be asking for trouble!