Thursday, 9 August 2007

You never learn if you don't give things a try

Well... here goes...

You might want to check this out too. Shinade pointed me to a link train on her site, however I couldn't fathom how to copy all the links across, they just appeared as ordinary text :(

So I bumped into another SEO link thing at Ride it like you Stole it who pointed to the following 'gig'

Make Money with Kassper and the post 50 backlink contest

RILYSTI pointed to Get In The Google Top 10 - Post Title Optimization instead.

Now this blog is really well written and it has given me the confidence to get involved in an area of blogging that has up until now been quite esoteric. The site is really slick in its design and the explanations are really clear. So if you are intrested in how to make Money on-line or simply looking for Blogging Tips then drop in on Kassper

Now I have no real idea what I'm doing here, so I'll just have to sit back and see what happens. I hoping that as the guy says... to repeat his guide..."All you have to do in the post is link ONCE to his blog which is all about Blogging Tips on how to Make Money Online and link ONCE to any of his posts.

In return you will get more than 50 backlinks to your blog."

Time to find out how Gullible I am...


  1. was still sweet of you to mention me. thank you:)

  2. Also please remember that comments count where Google is concerned...hint hint:)

  3. You have a great place here. :D

    Blogging is fun!!!


  4. hey sweety I am so sorry...I just realized that I do not have you blogrolled...well I am doing that right now:)Have a great week-end!!~jackie