Friday, 3 August 2007

I took your words and I believed, in everything thing you said to me!

Happy week-end folks ! Pink is awesome...gullibilty rating of 'zero' - my highest accolade


  1. I can;t beleive it...I finally got in...I am having massive puter problems...sometimes IE is even closing me out of my own site. I don't know what has happened...but anyway I finally made it here my freind and I love i am definitely going to listen....I have missed you Robinson---:)Tell your girlfreind hello for me too. ~jackie

  2. hey robinson...don't be upset with FMB....they choose the blog of the day by votes tallied....this is my first time to make it and I have been there for months...then someone told me to move my fuel button up higher and I did. See I had to hunt for yours...just move it up higher so more people will see it...also I added registration is free and you can vote once daily....then I started getting votes....I am headed to fuel you right now and will try to fuel you everyday!!:)~jackie

  3. Now Robinson...did you remember to get the new code when they made the change over...because I just tried to fuel you and your code is not connected.....I will go back and search for your blog and fuel you that way...that's why you're not getting fueled...your code is the old code. I hope this helps:)~jackie