Thursday, 23 August 2007

She must be Barking!

Folks, this has to get the Gullibility August 2007 award, and could well be contender for the 2007 Gull of the Year Award. (Hmmm must set up the competition and publicise)

Not since my Dad convinced my college friends that he was a belly gunner in a Lancaster bomber during WW2, have I chortled at such a 'wind-up' (Dad wasn't even in his teens during the war lol)

Amuse yourself with thisNeed a Good Belly Laugh

Why not send over your 'pet food spoof diets'! for starters I've tried the Fish Food diet, its amazing, you stuff your face full of cream cakes and simply forget you ate them 2 seconds later...look in the mirror and see how much weight you've piled on and yes, 2 seconds later you forget how 'heavy' you look.

Philosophically speaking I'm intrigued, of course, as to how someone could come to believe in such as thing as a Purina Diet based purely on testimony and a lack of empirical evidence.


  1. snork!

    I bet you absolutely roar when you get a good case of the giggles, snorts, and chortles.

    bow wow...


  2. The Complete Brekkies diet must be a winner. Eat a handful of these and wait for them to swell to concrete-like properties within the stomach, thus causing a bowel blockage and the feeling that you'll never eat again. While you are under the knife to get the blockage removed, you can have a gastric band put in place...Simple!

    I think I prefer the fish food diet, though...