Friday, 17 August 2007

Gullibilty Flashback - Flour Power

image credits appletothecore

Remembering where I was the night Elvis died caused a sudden Gullibility Flashback. As I mentioned I was working in a pie factory, a Pork Pie factory to be exact.

On the night shift it was customary to dissapear to the first aid room and catch 40 winks! You can imagine my shock when one morning the factory manager came in and asked who had been sleeping in the room as nobody had ever been caught before.

I denied it, of course, but found it hard to keep up the pretence when he showed me the bed. My job was in the 'pastry room' and so I got covered head to foot in flour. Gullible young me didn't realise that when I got up off the bed I left a perfect RR shape as evidence!!

The ultimate punishment in this twilight zone of a factory was to be banished to the 'jelly room'...nope not a room with wobbly walls, but the place where you filled the pies with a glycerine jelly to protect the meat...20,0000 squirts as day and you never sleep in the First Aid room again.


  1. You know RR I absolutely adored Elvis and my daughter is an elvis freak...she has anything and everything you can think off to collect...and, I truly don't remember where I was when he died...old age I guess...LOL!!!! Great post...I loved It!! I posted one of my graphics today and I think I shocked everyone half to death....Gee...I thought it was okay???? Thanks for the memories~jackie

  2. Hey RR...the same thing happened to me with the player at first also....I went back and re-copied the code and still nothing....awwww...then I checked for updates to my flashplayer and then recopied the code and it worked...don't give up:)Hugs,Jackie