Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Pass me the Goblet of Gullibility

Last night I had a good 'quoff' from the Goblet of Gullibility and was granted an insight that showed how there is a postive correlation between tiredness or 'Z' and Gullibility 'G' which can be expressed as:

Z = G cubed

Not being 'on -it' having just been involved in 4 hours of intensive group dicussion I volunteered to sort out a 'logistical' problem that meant ensuring that a package was delivered from London to Leeds for a critical early evening deadline the following day.

This was all on the basis that I was being 'helpful' to a guy who needed the package delivering. Now...the daft thing was, whilst I was on business in London,where the package was, I was going no where near Leeds the following day ...and STILL agreed to doing it knowing it would cause me hassle????!!!!!

So today, I've messed about organising a courier to deliver the package to Leeds which the guy could have done himself!! Why didn't I just tell him straight yesterday that yes, I was going North but not that far North?

I was Gullibile on 3 counts

a)I'd volunteered at the last minute to work on a project where I didn't check the 'authority' and 'responsibility' of the others involved . I ASSUMED the guy was a paying client (which pre-disposed me to go into 'service at any price mode) when actual fact he was receiving free government funded research)

b)I didn't challenge him, even though my instinct said , something doesn't stack up

c)I offered to 'rescue' someone who had created a problem for themselves and I ended up gathering the hassle

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