Wednesday, 15 August 2007

2 Ways to Decide the Number 1 Blog in the World

So, which is the Number One blog in the world and perhaps more importantly who says so?

Fuel, Fame, Authority, Vote...have you stopped to consider the assumptions you might be making about the truth of the assessment?

Social networking is based on a particular view of the 'truth' which favours what is known as The Consensus Theory of Truth This means that the more people who agree on the same interpretation the more 'true' it is. You can clearly see how useful this is if you wish to start 'mob rule', a 'fad', or even a 'cult'. If 1,000,000 people think the moon is made of green cheese - then clearly it must be!

The alternative is to lean towards a Correspondence theory of 'truth' which assumes that there is an independent, objective, singular and authoritative assessment of the 'truth' of the matter. Such is 'fact' that this blog is brilliant and that blog is utter rubbish. Blogging to Blame is clearly the best blog in the world.

The exploration of 'what is truth' does get more refined than this, of course,and this just serves as a 'heads up'

So, Life hacks, and Personal blogs on the consensus side, and natural science and technology blogs on the other..I'll leave that one with you LOL.

What is the point of this post then?...Well, it was triggered when I was reading Why Truth Matters (Benson Stangroom) and was struck by the fact a good percentage of my posts are just 'my opinion'. This got me thinking what does my blog 'do' for anyone? It doesn't tell you how to fix the TV, cook a meal, or wrestle an alligator, it's just lots of 'opinion' that you can take or leave as 'true'. So what earthly 'use' is that?

Benson and Strongroom say:

"We don't love the truth...We reserve the right, most of us, to accept some truths but reject others, no matter how well warranted, how supported by evidence, how tightly argued"

going on to quote Jamie Whyte from his book Crimes Against Logic:

..."many people are not really interested in believing the truth...if their opinion turns out to be true that would be the icing on the cake...and to register this...they declare..'I'm entitled to my opinion'. Once you hear these words you should realise that is is simple rudeness to persist with the matter. You may be interested in wether or not their opinion is true, but take the hint, they aren't.

If we can't get at the truth through social networking... is blogging to blame?


  1. Not being one who cares anything about political correctness nor any of its referential idealism, allow me to pass on what has been taught to me, if you will.

    "Opinions are like assholes, we all have one". That statement isn't any of my teachings however I've been the student of the phrase most all of my life.

    You can sign me in as:
    Simply another student". All I know is that I don't know, yanno?


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