Thursday, 16 August 2007

Elvis fan worked in pie factory

I can't belive it...30!? years ago tonight I was workin night shift as a student in a Pie factory in the UK. There were three of us, me a Cliff Richard fanatic and an Elvis fan.

The Elvis fan turned up late and broke two pieces of news...1 The King was dead and 2 he had a fight with somebody who had insulted Elvis' memory and killed them!

Now being gullible we didn't think to ask why he wasn't in jail, and accepted it as a perfectly valid reason for 'being late' (doh!)...and the real reason he was late? it had nothing to do with stopping for an extra pint at the pub before starting his shift of course!

The Cliff fan, who normally argued with the Elvis fan about who was the best artist kept very quiet...looks like we got stung!

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