Monday, 6 August 2007

Gullibometer July 2007

Well I reckon I've been really duped this month. Some of you may have noticed a slight drop off on my 'posting rate'. I put this down to being 'Mr Keen' at work and getting involved in alot of research and consultancy projects that have literally wiped out my 'mental band-width'

Why have done this? For some reason I have placed my 'experience'and 'critical thinking' modules in cold storage and justified my commitment and involvement as 'good for raising my profile', 'becoming part of the 'inner group' (whatever that is)', 'proving that I add value' by having a foot in academic and commercial camps and so on...

Will it really do me any good? Probably not in the grand scheme of things, so its back to the, 'do a professional job on my terms strategy'

What's all the more insidious is that I have fallen for the platitudes - you know 'great work on the X project RR', 'folks around here are really taking notice of you RR' etc etc...and just where exactly does that show on the payslip??

Not that I'm THAT mercenary it just that there is a real difference between the 'back slapping' words that you fall for in your twenties and the 'reality check - OK if I'm THAT good the value is worth paying for' realisation of someone who has been around the block a few times...

On a brighter note I seem to having modest success on Blogging To Fame, and yes I've broken the 2$ dollar barrier with Adnsense so that means only $999,999,98 to this rate my great great great grand kids should have enough for Macdonalds Happy Meal on payback day.

Maybe that's it!..........that's the reason..........I've just read Bill Bryson's
A Short History of Nearly Everything and I'm about to start The Selfish Gene...I'm doing these jobs to guarantee better prospects for my genes and I'm blogging to guarantee better prospects for my memes !! (great line RR - trademark that)

Amazing what a bit of reflective practice can do for you. Need to check out the Will to ensure that future 'mini-me's' obtain Adsnese income from the blog - in perpetuity....

Can you imagine in the 42nd century......$10,000 a month trickling in from a blog featured on the Antiques Blog Show.....


  1. hey good post...listen drop over to my site and copy that list...the post is marked increase your Google ratings or something like that. I don't know if my jump by 5 points in Technorati is due to this or not..but, something happened. Talk at ya' later...headed to fuel you:)~jackie

  2. Cheers Jackie! Just left a message on Mybloglog for you.