Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Labradoodle triggers Gullibility gene in humans

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Those of you who read my recent post about Tamba the Bengal cat going missing will no doubt be amazed at the following development. Gullibility 'newbies' are advised to secure lower jaw with a headscarf or palm of hand in order to prevent chin hitting the floor at 1000 mph!

My neighbour (who works full time and travels the country with her sales job) knocked on the door last night to introduce her new pet. Not a stick insect, goldfish, or hamster but a brand new labradoodle puppy. (are there such things as Poodadors btw?)

Now I'm not the most 'pet aware' bloke on the planet, and I'm sure that the little tike will need large amounts of attention, walking three times a day etc etc. What might be the explanation for such self-indulgent neighbourly behaviour?

So...might the post modern, social constructivist in you will be saying things such as:

Its clearly a bereavement response that needs compassion and understanding

We should not judge the actions of others as there are different voices and all voices are equivalent

This action is merely one social discourse in a fabric of historically and culturally located context and is therefore approriate in the micro-context of sub-urban Britain


maybe my neighbour just needs a bucket of cold water to wake her up?

Systemic Solution?

Don't rescue neighbour from her responsibilities (look after dog when she's out) in order that long term consequences of spontaneous decsions are recognised.

Woof woof

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