Thursday, 30 August 2007

Gullible Chefs Cook Up Trouble

A new article cooked up on the BBC News Magazine got me thinking about Ambition - Capability Gap and its role in Gullibility

Looks like we have a few choice Gullibility ingredients on the menu here:

i) Not thinking things through - a terrine of thought from Peter Drucker 'the problem with good ideas is that they quickly de-generate into hard work'...(aaahhhh that explains my blog-angst then too LOL)

ii) Deletion - a delicate omission of key factors including pot washing, ungrateful customers, drizzled with stress from wondering when the next customer is coming through the door

iii) Distortion - the finest twisting of belief that when I'm in a restaurant I have a great time (social context) into when it's my living I'll have a great time too!

...and to finish...

iv) lack of business sophistication and complete lack of understanding about what a restaurant 'does'(i.e a place to socialise in the broadest sense ) for the customer rather than thinking too much about it's about what it 'is' (i.e. a place to eat)

My Recipe
Want to become a Chef and run a succesful restaurant?

i) study consumer psychology and behaviour
ii)understand the role and application of 'segementation' ( styles and attitudes)
iii) understand revenue models and work out realistic profit scenarios
iv) know your competitors and track them
v) study retail marketing and understand Bid rent theory, catchment zones and service -scape (Mary Jo Bitner)

Alternative recipe - courtesy of son number 2:

i) join parachute regiment for 6 years
ii)join SAS
iii) capture Osama Bin Laden and collect bounty
iv) retire from army and set up restaurant in Cyprus

Your thoughts on the nature/nature debate and the influence of Paternal Genes and Offspring Career Paths to:

Reasonable Robinson Head Chef c/o Exasperation - Fine Dining - with a university of life twist... England, Englandshire)

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